Why use this site?

There are dozens of math sites on the Internet but, from pre-school to advanced courses, they all focus on teaching ... and learning from them takes time. Furthermore, all of those web pages tend to overwhelm one with detailed information. This site is different; it operates on the principle that a rough answer right now beats a precise one too late. (For an example, Google Fishbone Diagram and compare the result with clicking on Fishbone Diagram here.)

One Minute Mathematics provides quick answers to basic math and other quantitative analysis questions such as: What is absolute value? How can a Poisson Distribution help analyze customer wait times? and so on.

The fast answers available here can help you refresh long-forgotten knowledge or provide new insights that can make you a more successful job applicant, worker, or manager.

The 135 topics are arranged alphabetically (from 80-20 Rule and Absolute Value to Zero-Sum Games) so you can go straight to the subject of interest. Each topic is covered in one short web page and (with one possible exception) each is stand-alone so there is no need to read one topic before you read the next. There is almost no theory, and explanations rely on simple examples, not complex mumbo-jumbo.

The exception is for the topic Probability which may need to have its three main concepts reviewed sequentially. Here they are grouped together as Probability 1 (Discrete Probabilities), Probability 2 (Probability Density Functions), and Probability 3 (Cumulative Distribution Functions).

The coverage is wide, but not deep. Like an executive summary, it is designed to give you the basic concepts, not the particulars. Key words are in italics to quickly capture your eye. If this site sends you to the Internet for deeper knowledge, good.

Caution: Like any textbook, there may be errors in the information presented here despite our best efforts.

Note: Math quotes are included at the foot of each web page just because the "web master" likes them.

From the "web master" ...

I have a bachelorís degree in mathematics, a masterís degree in operations research and systems analysis, and over thirty years experience as a manager, administrator, systems consultant, and small-business owner on the Internet. My mission here is to make the basic tools of practical mathematics quickly available (and perhaps familiar again).

I am also the author of Flying Low (80+ five-star reviews on Amazon.com), the Flying Lucky series of true naval aviation stories, and five action/adventure novels published by Patriot Media, Inc. I invite you to visit my web page on amazon.com or my personal web site at brianbryans.com or my publisher's web site at patriot media publishing.com.

I hope you find One Minute Mathematics to be useful. If so, please pass the word about www.OneMinuteMathematics.com to your friends.

B.K. Bryans

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